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AZ Lightning Protection


AZ Lightning Protection is a full-service contractor specializing in the sale, design, and installation of lightning protection systems. AZ Lightning Protection maintains an inventory of the latest lightning protection and grounding products representing several leading manufacturers in the lightning protection industry. AZ Lightning Protection also uses the latest versions of AutoCAD to design lightning protection systems and product details specific to each project. AZ Lightning Protection is the leading installer in the Memphis area including Arkansas and Northern Mississippi.

Gerald “Hutch” Hutcherson began selling lightning protection components more than 30 years ago representing lightning protection manufacturer AC Lightning Security of Maryville, MO. The industry, along with engineers, would soon demand that lightning protection systems be installed by qualified contractors that had a better understanding of the industry standards and practices. Hutch would partner with his son, Lee Hutcherson, to form AC Lightning Security of Memphis in 1997 and begin installing lightning protection systems under the direction of Harold Van Sickle. In 1998 Lee would be certified as a Lightning Protection Institute Master Installer. ERICO would soon purchase the manufacturer, AC Lightning Security, prompting Hutch and Lee to change the name of their contracting business to AZ Lightning Protection. Lee Hutcherson is an LPI (Lightning Protection Institute) certified master installer and designer. AZ Lightning Protection is a UL-listed Installer Member which required members to maintain a certain number of systems protection inspections annualy. 

AZ Lightning Protection has over 30 years of experience in the lightning protection business and employs the latest products and programs to provide excellent service to a wide variety of customers. AZ Lightning Protection and its employees understand and practice the latest industry standards ensuring that its customers are given the highest quality product that meets their specific needs.