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World’s First UL Certified ESE Air Termina
The world’s first ESE air terminal certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to fully conform to NFC 17-102 Annex C testing. The Prevectron 3® has successfully been subjected to the full sequence of tests prescribed in international standard UNE 21-186.

AZ Lighting Protection Prevectron First Modular ESE Air Terminal 2

World’s First Modular ESE Air Terminal
The world’s first modular ESE air terminal is a major step in lightning protection system maintenance. Each circuit is built and assembled separately.

Neutralization of Space Charge
The NF C 17-102 Standard requires that the average values for time to break down and the standard deviation of those values be recorded, calculated, and compared. The standard deviation for an ESE terminal must be a minimum of 20% lower than a simple air terminal in order to comply with the standard.

The patented OptiMax® technology neutralizes space charge formation at the tip of the air terminal prior to triggering the upward streamer. The Prevectron 3® S60 utilizing OptiMax® technology provides standard deviation that is 60% lower than a simple air terminal (40% lower than the NFC 17-102 requirements). This 60% reduction in the standard deviation provides more reliable streamer development under real lightning conditions for more reliable protection.

Laboratory Testing
Tests of the Prevectron have been conducted at independent labs in France (Renardieres HV Lab, Cediver lab in Bazet) as well as Belgium, Canada, South Korea, China, Czech Republic, and India. INDELEC is also conducting tests at its own HV lab in Northern France for product research and development.
The high voltage laboratory used to assess the PREVECTRON® is comprised of the following equipment:

  • Direct current generator designed to simulate the ambient atmospheric field during a storm.
  • Surge generator allowing induced rapid stimulation of the pre-strike electric field.
In these tests, each generatorfeedsa plate above and below the air terminal. The Prevectron air terminal and simple air terminal are positioned one after the other at the same vertical distance beneath the upper plate. The surge generator increases the electric field between the upper and lower plates. The impulse field superimposes itself on the permanent field of the DC generator. Abreakdown is produced between the tip of the terminal and the upper plate. This breakdown short-circuits the generator leading to the wave form returning abruptly to zero. With the simple air terminal this breakdown is produced in a high field. With the Prevectron the breakdown is produced earlier and in a less-intense field. The breakdown times of the Prevectron (ESEAT) and the simple air terminal (SRAT) are compared per NFC 17-102. Average values TEs EAr andTsRAr and standard deviations o EsEAr and OsRAr are calculated.
AZ Lighting Protection Prevectron World's Most Accredited ESE Air Terminal 6

World’s Most Accredited ESE Air Terminal

  • UL Certified to fully comply with NFC 17-102.
  • UNICAMP certified for 250kA current
  • CE mark for compliance with applicable European Directive
  • RTN certification for use in Dangerous Industrial

AZ Lighting Protection Prevectron World's Most Accredited ESE Air Terminal 7

AZ Lighting Protection Prevectron Lightning Innovation and Research Institute 8

Lightning Innovation and Research Institute

The Lightning Innovation and Research Institute (LiRi) is an integrated department of INDELEC, 100% dedicated to innovation. This forward­ looking research team of highly skilled engineers provides INDELEC with unparalleled R&D abilities. LiRi operates a 1.6 million volt High Voltage Laboratory capable of generating electrical arcs several meters long in a highly controlled environment. LiRi is among the largest lightning research centers with regularly published articles, videos, and links to support international research and global knowledge on lightning. LiRi is dedicated to improving knowledge of lightning phenomenon, physics, and lightning protection practices as well as the research and development of new technologies like the OptiMax® system in the Prevetron 3.

Since 1993, INDELEC has conducted unrivaled in-situ test campaigns allowing its engineers to assess their lightning protection products in real lightning conditions. These test campaigns were originally developed in close cooperation with engineers from the French Atomic Energy Commission (C.E.A.), Universities, Research Centers, and private partners. These test campaigns provide a wealth of experience in the field of lightning phenomena.

In order to gather as much data as possible, the tests were performed in America, Europe, and Asia with each location providing very different lightning conditions. In 2015, INDELEC inaugurated the new International Lightning Research Center of Jatiluhur- Indonesia.

  • Test campaigns have provided invaluable data to the LiRi engineering team, including:
    Advanced performance of the Prevectron through measuring and comparing electrical activity at the tips of various lightning rods.
  • Operation of the Prevectron triggering system.
  • Confirmation of the Prevectron’s durability after repeated exposure to real lightning discharges.
  • Reliability of the Prevectron in a wide range of situations encompassing alltypes of lightning conditions including upward strikes, downward strikes, tropical storms, and winter storms.
  • The Prevectron 3® has benefitted from unique experiences during its development process and numerous engineering innovations have been validated in real lightning conditions.